4 local sightseeing spots

Oneoneroa is situated just a five-minute drive from the heart of Tāmaki’s North Shore, making it a great spot for plenty of beautiful costal shorelines and city scape views. Next time you’re out and about take in the amazing surrounds at these sightseeing spots!

1. North Shore City Coastal Walk

Stretching along the bays is the popular North Shore City Coastal Walk. The majority of the walk is made up of a concrete path so it can be done at almost any time of the day, you just need to be wary of rogue waves when its high tide! The views of of the ocean and Rangitoto Island are stunning, not to mention the quaint beaches and bays you pass by as you walk along.

Photo Credit: Channel Magazine

2. Kennedy Park

You’ve probably heard of the iconic ‘Stairs of Doom’ at Kennedy Park, but that’s not all this spot has to offer. The views from the top are some of the best that the North Shore has to offer. Those infamous stairs lead down to the shore of Castor Bay, but you’ll need to watch out for those fitness fanatics as they sprint past!

Photo Credit: Auckland Council

3. Sylvan Park Milford

Take a seat at a picnic table in Sylvan Park for a great view of Lake Pupuke. It’s a popular spot for recreational water activities so keep an eye out for kayakers and wind surfers! There’s also a great range of wildlife that call Lake Pupuke their home, making this a great spot to relax and enjoy the scenery in central Takapuna.

4. Bayswater Wharf

Head on down to Bayswater Wharf to take in the view of Auckland’s CBD skyline across the sunning Waitematā. It’s a perfect spot to watch boats and ferries going in and out of the harbour and breathe in that fresh ocean breeze.