Ben & Belinda: Belmont locals downsize and upgrade

Ben & Belinda Parsons and their family moved into their Oneoneroa home on Ngā Tutu Place in November 2022, so have spent the last month unpacking and settling in - although they didn’t have far to move, having lived in the Belmont area for the last 10 years!

The family’s Egremont Street bungalow just down the road served them well for many years, with lots of space to run around in the backyard, a trampoline, and room to spread out while their three kids were growing up. However, with their kids getting older and a growing list of house renovations piling up, the Parsons made the decision to simplify their lifestyle and opt for something more sustainable and low maintenance that would better match their stage of life.

Many different factors attracted the family to the Oneoneroa development - they knew the area well, having lived there for many years, so wouldn’t have to adjust to a new suburb. The downsized section size would mean considerably less time spent mowing unused lawns for Ben, and the couple both liked the ‘lock and leave’ ability of the home, if they ever decided to travel in the future. They also loved the design of the terraced homes, which were well-insulated and considerably more sustainable than their old bungalow.

“We love the 6 Green Star rating the home has, which is such an upgrade from the state of our last home. It’s much more aligned with our values and lifestyle from this perspective.”

When everyone’s home for Christmas, the house has enough room for the couple’s three teenage kids, a cat, dog, and guinea pig - but as the Parsons’ 17-year-old son also prepares to leave home within the next few years, it’s also the perfect size for the three that will remain.

Ben & Belinda bought their Oneoneroa home off the plan, which they weren’t nervous about given Ngāti Whātua Orākei What Rawa’s reputation as a highly trusted developer. “We just didn’t have the same concerns about being given the run around from an iwi developer as we would have with a corporate developer - it was a totally different experience and allowed us to buy off the plans confidently,” Ben says.

The family have enjoyed getting to know their neighbours so far, chatting over the fence, borrowing a lawnmower when they need it, even going in on a deal for a couple of heat pumps with a few people across the street. They’ve also enjoyed zipping around on their gifted E-bike, which they say is a nice community link between everyone who’s recently moved in.

If you see the Parsons around, biking or walking their poodle, make sure to say kia ora!

Photo Credit: Sunday Star Times