The perfect family home

Finding the perfect family home that ticked all the boxes with William & Sally Hunt

As a young family of three, William, Sally and their 18-month-old daughter Florence were looking to find a forever home that ticked all of their boxes.

Having previously lived further north in Matakana, the Hunt family were searching for a home that best suited them and their needs – close enough to family in Auckland central city but also an area that was an easy commute to their North Shore workplaces, a safe family neighbourhood and an area that had a welcoming sense of community.

A great place to grow

For William and Sally, finding and purchasing their next house was not a decision to be rushed or taken lightly. They wanted their new home to be a lifelong special place where Florence would grow up and create her childhood memories.

“Knowing this would be our family home was a massive consideration when we looked at the housing market. The area needed to be a friendly environment, with good schools for our little family to grow up in,” says William.

For the Hunt family, Oneoneroa was just that and they quickly discovered the area boasts great local schools including Belmont Primary School, Belmont Intermediate and Takapuna Grammar School and a safe location for children. After a pleasantly short house hunt, William and Sally knew immediately they had found the perfect spot for them.

Location, location, location

After setting their sights on the Hauraki/Belmont area on the North Shore, William and Sally knew that next on the list was to find a place that offered both good access to public transport and spacious family living.

“Our house here is extremely spacious and it’s also on an easy care section which suits our lifestyle really well. It is evident the hapū developer is taking the time going through the development stages to ensure that the community space is a desirable place to live long term.”

Another favourite for the Hunt’s is the Bayswater Ferry, just a 15-minute walk down the road and a motorway on ramp not too far away.

“I think this development is going to be more and more sought after as the years go on as it’s still very central and has everything you need. Combining the location and the quality of the homes makes this a very sought after spot in Auckland,” shares William.

Common ground

With a strong sense of community being a key factor for the Hunt’s, the opportunity to help build and foster that community spirit within their new Oneoneroa neighbourhood was appealing.  

“We like the community that is growing here at Oneoneroa, it’s really nice that all of us neighbours moved in around the same time and everyone is keen to get to know each other,” says William.

“It’s clear to see the hapū developer has a really good ethos, not only in terms of quality builds but also focusing on establishing a really great community feel.

“I hope that in living here we will add to a community that is inclusive, diverse, friendly and overall just a great place that everyone enjoys living in,” William says.

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